Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a collaborative, confidential partnership between the leader and the coach. The best coaching relationships are like an exquisite dance where both the coach and the leader learn from each other. 


Coaching is typically chosen to help leaders maximize strengths or meet specific challenges to achieve greater results. A coaching engagement is a flexible process in which the coach and leader contract for how many sessions and for what lengths of time over a specified period.

When a leader engages in a relationship with an executive coach, the leader decides what areas to focus on. Typical areas of focus are: how to leverage his or her strengths to achieve the organization’s vision, honing key people skills, maximizing emotional intelligence, understanding the connection to body and spirit, or eliminating blocks to success. Coaching is most effective when the leader is open to deep self-reflection, willing to explore new possibilities and is responsive to feedback.

Preparation prior to formally contracting for coaching:

Coach: Gain an understanding of the business strategic context for the coaching.

  • What are the key initiatives in the business?
  • Key challenges in the business?
  • What are the current strategies for developing leaders?

Leader: Reflect on his or her goals for the coaching, strengths and development areas

Executive Coaching is a relationship built on trust. In addition to working with an experienced, knowledgeable coach for your needs, you need to connect with your coach. We offer a complimentary coaching session to help you determine if we are a good match for you. We use this time to help you experience the process and benefits of executive coaching.