Acquisition Integration

Many firms focus on helping acquiring businesses develop business plans and financial synergies for acquisitions. Willow Path Consulting goes beyond the financial and business plans to focus on the human and culture side of acquisition integration, which enables your organization more effectively achieve the desired synergies.


Proactively managing the culture integration process mitigates the inherent risk of “culture clash”, a well-researched factor in M&A failures, between the acquired and the acquiring businesses. Willow Path consultants have broad experience in multi-national, global acquisitions and we have developed a range of solutions that keep culture at the center of your M&A strategy.

An important first step in the M&A process is developing a clear understanding of cultural strengths and weaknesses in both the acquiring and acquired business. Leveraging data collected from culture assessments or the Denison Culture Survey, organizations identify culture similarities and gaps, potential conflicts and ‘blind spots.


Our approach focuses on several key activities that foster the culture integration from strategy development stages through managing talent retention and performance. We partner with you to effectively plan and implement an overall cultural integration process, including identifying the best future culture to meet business challenges.

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